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We first opened our doors at ** The English Nursery** in 2009; we are supported by the Tanto International School which was founded in 1983. Our nursery school has an English profile. Like all Förskola, The English Nursery admits children from 1-6 years old. We have 30 places available which allows us to create a positive 'family' feel for all our children and parents. The nursery is organised into 3 small groups in order to give our children a greater sense of security. The Moons (1-3 yrs) and Planets (3-5 yrs) enjoy much of the time socializing and developing ideas together each day as they are located side by side. Mixing the groups on regular occasions creates a great family feel for the children. The Suns group (5-6 yrs) spend time at the park together with the younger children each day as well.

We take pride in our great relationships with children and parents. The English Nursery has a staff to pupil ratio of 1:6 which enables us to offer the best care for all our children. When children finish the nursery, many children make the smooth transition to the Tanto International School, which caters for children aged 6-12 (Year 2-7).

Our aim is to offer an education which allows our children to develop individually whilst creating an environment that encourages independence and a love for learning. We follow the Lpfö 98-2010 curriculum goals which encourage independence and creativity as well as developing social skills, knowledge of the world around us, language and number skills. All our staff take pride in sharing and celebrating the learning journey with our children and parents through superb displays, photo shows, portfolios and regular opportunities to speak with our caring staff.

We offer a variety of daily activities which are fun and rewarding for the children. Each day will also include a good balance of indoor and outdoor activities. We carefully balance "structured" and "free" play, and although the groups are situated in separate areas, they spend parts of their days together, as strong friendships and bonds of affection exist between them.

Our aim is to strengthen our children and encourage independence in every aspect of their day. Both our staff and children come from many different countries and cultures. Our different backgrounds provide a basis for understanding each child’s similarities and differences, and their own personalities.

We encourage and enhance compassion, solidarity and empathy with others, but also ensure that each child enjoys a sense of well-being and security. We aim to lay a foundation for lifelong learning for our children, and their willingness and desire to learn should be stimulated as their interests grow. A caring, nurturing and learning environment has been created, and we want all our children to experience how it feels to make progress, overcome difficulties and feel part of a working family. We encourage them to develop trust and confidence in other children and to foster curiosity, initiative and varied interests.


The Nursery is located at Tanto, in Stockholm, which is surrounded by extensive parkland. We have a small playground outside our door, but use all the parks around Tantolunden daily. Drakenberg Park and Rosenlund park are also nearby and very popular with our children in the summer months.

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